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Den Haag Strandmarathon

Afstand42.195 m
PlaatsDen Haag
SoortCrosscountry veldloop

Officiële website Den Haag Strandmarathon


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Locatie van Den Haag Strandmarathon

Omschrijving van de route

33 km strand (Schevingen-Noordwijk v.v.), de rest verhard

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Den haag Strandmarathon Zomer editie

Gepost door XrUqr op maandag 14 juli 2014 11:49

Two things happened: after 1k my Garmin 620 asked me if I wanted to save my time. WTF!!!?
This already made me very cross: I expect for such an expensive item not to fail me, especially when I am running a marathon.
Anyway, the organisation did a very good job and introduced a very welcome change in the route which now includes about 3 km on tarmac between the 16th and 18th km. This gives your legs a break. In previous editions runners had to go through a very demanding bit that was a torture for your legs with soft sand going up and down to cross a canal. On my way back, after the last drink post I missed the exit and ran too far, almost by the Pier. A sign for where to turn would help there, it is the only complaint I have. I had to run my way back and overtake a runner I previously passed. He looked at me puzzled, I explained I ran too far. Before this episode I could see the third place holder getting closer and closer but after the incident he was again about 300 metres in front. I tried to catch him but he finished 20 seconds in front of me anyway. Without that silly mistake I would have been on the podium. Once again, I ran the race, got the t-shirt, sang the song. It is for a good cause, charity. Give it a try and see if you can finish within the 4 hours.

Kaart van de route

Kaart van de route Den Haag Strandmarathon
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Erik Dijksman14-07-201905:12:1542.195 mDetails
Jan Fokke Oosterhof alias Fast Fokkie14-01-201804:26:0042.195 mDetails
Herman Osinga09-07-201700:49:197.930 mDetails
Michiel de Graaf08-01-201704:23:4842.195 mDetails
Michiel de Graaf10-01-201604:27:5542.195 mDetails
Jeroen Leijnse11-01-201503:54:2342.195 mDetails
Jeroen Leijnse12-01-201404:03:3442.195 mDetails
Henk Van Den Berg 14-07-201300:00:018 mDetails
Henk Van Den Berg 14-07-201301:31:455.784 mDetails
Henry van der Vegt14-07-201302:20:4522.267 mDetails
Inge Versluis13-01-201304:39:3142.195 mDetails
Wouter08-07-201200:01:120 mDetails
Ruud Verhoef08-07-201204:33:0742.195 mDetails
Frans van Huizen08-07-201204:25:1842.195 mDetails
Joppe Boon08-01-201204:27:1442.195 mDetails
Joppe Boon10-07-201104:18:0942.195 mDetails
Ronald Lips10-07-201104:52:3542.195 mDetails
Frans van Huizen10-07-201104:30:1142.195 mDetails
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